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Future Engagements. St. Jacob’s | Engagement Photographer

I’ll tell you what I love about engagement sessions- the excitement(!)- for both myself and the clients. During the session, we talk about the upcoming wedding; the planning, the details, the guest list (lol) and you can always tell that they are brimming with excitement for the big day. And so am I! I’m looking forward to (quietly) being in the middle of the action and catching all of those details that they have worked so hard on.

An engagement session serves several purposes but here are a few that I think are most important:

1. It ‘primes’ the couple for the wedding day. It’s no secret that most people do not like having their picture taken (I know I don’t). Having a session before the wedding allows the couple to develop expectations about what their wedding day will be like and to see that it’s really not so bad.

2. It allows them to see me in action. It’s one thing to meet a couple in a coffee shop, it’s another to have me shooting, directing and getting personal with them. This goes back to number 1 but more than that, they get to learn what it’s like to work with ME. It creates a foundation for the couple and I to work from.

3. It allows me to get to know them. This is a BIG one. I do a lot of groundwork before a wedding- from creating Pinterest boards to getting the couple to fill out a survey asking them to list which photos they want, special instructions, etc. The greatest indicator of success for me is how well I know the couple. I have shot weddings before where I haven’t even met the couple in person before I was shooting some of the most important photos of their lives. Don’t get me wrong, everything turned out well but I was missing a big piece of the puzzle by not knowing who they are. By shooting an engagement session first, I am able to tell, for example, if the groom is really uncomfortable and I’m going to have to be cracking jokes to loosen him up. Or if the bride is self-conscious and I will have to show her some shots on my camera where she looks awesome so she can relax. I cannot emphasize enough how important these things are, especially because my style is very personal.

4. Photos! I love seeing your engagement photos used for guest books, up on boards and on your invitations/programs. It’s so nice to have photos to look back on from that time before you were married. Some engagements last several years and it’s nice to remember that special time when you are enjoying the engagement period.

When I restructured my pricing a while back, I changed all of my wedding packages to include an engagement session for all of the reasons listed above and more. They are so important and as I mentioned before, the EXCITEMENT creates such a good energy in these sessions. Below are pictures of V & K and they are a perfect example of what an awesome engagement session looks like- relaxed and real and happy! Add a great location and some really cool icicles and I was pretty much in heaven. If you are in need of a wedding photographer and feel I may be a good fit for you, please contact me; I would love to meet you!